​Moppin Poppins Cleaning


"If you haven't had Moppin Poppins come to clean your home, you are missing out! Michelle is the ONLY person who has met ...my persnickety, almost unattainable level of cleaning perfection. Beyond pleased with her perfection!"

​                             Melanie  Bruch

We strive for excellence in our Customer service, tailoring our clients cleanings, attention to detail and making sure you get the service you are paying for.

​No one should be cleaning their home after the professional cleaners have left and no one should be settling and saying to themselves, "This is as good as it gets".

"We not only clean your home, we help maintain your home". "We get the dust and dirt up and out of the house vs pushing it around and or dispersing it up into the air just to settle down back down in your home". We use no Swiffer products, feather dusters, dry mops or brooms. They are for a quick clean-up for the home owner to use. We are one of the limited few who will vacuum everything in a room, on a first cleaning, to remove the dust and dirt buildup out of the home. When there is a significant layer of dust in the room...

"Moppin Poppins is going to change the house cleaning game. You can't compare their quality to any of the other... services I've experiences. Her price isn't the cheapest, but it's far from the most expensive. But her quality puts everyone else to shame."

​                                 Brian Drysdale

A Few Words about Us

Meet the owner, Michelle
Everyone likes to keep a clean house, but, more and more, they can't find the time for it. I wanted to do something about that – so I started a cleaning business to help people of all walks of life keep their homes tidy. But, not just

any cleaning business, I used my personal experiences with numerous professional cleaning services, who cleaned my home, when it came to structuring my company. I knew exactly what I wanted to enhance upon and what I didn't want my clients to experience through my cleaning service. Attention to detail and Customer service are key components and going above and beyond is the expectation. I also bring to the table, eight challenging yet rewarding years in the corporate world as a manager in a Customer contact area. So, I know the true meaning of "Customer service".

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