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Keep it or toss it! This is a great time of the year to think about decluttering and organizing your home. Especially as you go through your clothing closets and dresser drawers getting ready for Jack Frost and Frosty to visit. Some of us have wardrobes that we swap in and out depending on the season and some have all of their clothes out and available no matter the season. Where they just select the appropriate attire depending on the weather that day. No matter the case, we all could use a little decluttering and organizing of our closets and homes. A great starting point is to start upstairs and work your way down to the basement floor. Where what you don't need goes up and out of the home right out the door. There are many ways to dispose of unwanted items: Goodwill, Salvation Army, Ronald McDonald House, Domestic Violence Abuse shelters, AI DuPont hospital, homeless shelters, consignment shops (brick and mortar and online on Facebook), friends and family, churches who have programs for those in need and the list goes on..

Set realistic goals. Looking at an entire project of decluttering and organizing the home can be overwhelming and some will even put it off each and every time because they are so overwhelmed by just the thought of it. You know your schedule and what amount of time you have to delegate to the project. Break everything into sections and mini projects where you are setting obtainable goals with an end in sight. Start with the bedrooms and closets, move on to the bathrooms and closets, followed by family room, living room, dinning room, playroom, den/office/library/parlor/sunroom, kitchen and eating area, basement and garage. Map out your plan of attack, head into each project as its own project not thinking about the next. Only the one you are working on exist at that moment in time. Most importantly, don't get frustrated or discouraged if somethings are taking longer than expected. Keep moving and don't dwell on any set backs if they should arise. The end result will be well worth every broken nail, stubbed toe and any battle of wills you have with yourself and others.

For those experiencing difficultly in making a decision of, "Should I keep it or get rid of it?" go by the touch rule. Have you touched the item by using it or wearing the item in the last year to year a half? (Some like the six month rule). And if the answer is "no" then there's your answer. Of course, there will be some exceptions to the rule just don't get into the rut of making everything you're thinking of getting rid of as the exception to the rule. When you are unsure if you should keep or toss an item then your answer should be "toss". When in doubt toss! Only touch an item
once and not more than once. The item goes from it's resting place to its permanent place in your home or a box to be donated, stored, sold or trashed curbside. Also, don't make the mistake of asking parents, siblings and friends their opinion. The answer will most likely be, "I can't believe you're getting rid of that", "You can't get rid of that. You wore/used that for...", "I wouldn't get rid of it, you never know when your going to need it", "You could use this by turning into a ... as a ...".... At that point, gift the item to them and watch how fast of a reaction you get of, "I don't have room for that in my closet/house." And if they respond with, "I love it, thank you" then not only did you successfully get rid if an item but you just made that persons day and all is good. I highly recommend not asking someone who lives in the house if you should get rid of something because of course they want you to get rid of your things to make more room for their things. You get the idea. Unless it's someone else's item in the household then it would be their decision or a group decision depending on the item with parents strategically holding the power of veto to be used at their discretion. And, sometimes, we all know too well, even if it is someone else's item you still may have to manage the situation and take the reins of making the final decision. Where we makeup an excuse of, "It was broken", "It had a hole in it", "There was a humongous stain on it" or if all else fails, "You must have miss placed it. It will turn up somewhere when you least expect it." You know the excuses, for we have all used them at one time or another with our significant others and children who at times can be the worst hoarders with their unused toys. Yes, a toy they haven't touched in eons has suddenly become their favorite toy in the whole wide world as soon as they see it heading for the door. Where they fly up into the air as if on a spring board latching onto the toy for dear life pleading their case. Where as if you had just quietly removed the long forgotten toy out of the home it would have gone unnoticed and never missed. You can also have children participate in giving to those in need and less fortunate than yourself. Have them go through their toys and donate unused toys and clothing to someone in need and actually have them go with you for the life lesson in giving. So, they can appreciate and, at times, see who they are helping out.

Ziplock vacuum storage bags are great for taking larger items like blankets and pillows or even bulky clothes like jackets and sweater and compacting them so they take up half the amount of space. If toys like Legos, Bonicles, trophies, character statues etc are taking over your child's room or your living area then install shelves in their bedroom to store their creations up and out of the way. You can even put in extra shelf in their bedroom closets towards the bottom or up top for storage. Some even turn the entire closet into a shelving unit for toy storage and then have all the child's clothes in a dresser.. You can also purchase roll out cubbies that roll under the bed for storage or plastics storage containers for underneath the bed or a trundle minus the mattress. They work great in kids rooms and for adults looking to declutter and organize their bedroom. For women with an abundance of shoes, the bottom of the closet is great for a shoe rack, back of the door shoes racks, underneath bed shoe storage containers and if you still have shoes left without a home then you can use one of the metal shelving units that's on wheels to hide in your closet. Tier skirt, pant and shirt hangers work great for closets because one hanger holds multiple items. Slimline and slim grip hangers are perfect for they save space due to their slim design and your clothes won't slip off of the hangers because they are coated with a velvety coating and have flocked sides. In the bathroom, you can put up an enclosed wall shelf or buy one or two wooden stand up enclosed shelving units and then turn the closet into a storage place for extra towels and all your bathroom essentials and extras. The enclosed shelving unit could even be a decorative item in your hallway. Have an old dresser you were thinking of getting rid of? You could put the dresser in your bedroom closet or utilize it as a shelving unit if you remove the drawers. Or, if you're creative, you can remove the drawers and refinish the dresser and leave it out as a decorative shelving unit that you not only can use the shelves for storage and or decorative items but also utilize the top for books, a TV etc... You can refurbish old china closets and hutches into esthetically pleasing shelving/storage systems. I have an antique china closet that was my great great aunts, in my living room, that I store decorative throw pillows, blankets, table runners and odds and end in. I didn't refinish the china closet because I feel it goes well with the India theme I have in the room. I bought some grey canvas containers for inside and some woven gray containers to store on top of the china closet. Ensuring I utilize all the available space. So, I can and hide items like toys etc inside and on top of the china closet

Not only does Moppin Poppins Cleaning help you with your cleaning needs but we're also here to help you organize your life. We work side by side with you in helping you set and obtain your personal organizational and decluttering goals. And can help you with some creative organizational ideas.